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National Championships

The season was concluded with the National, ladies and junior championships plus the mixed pairs and over 55’s played at Shaws Bridge.

It proved to be a historic win in the singles for Colum McHugh to take the one title which had eluded him. The final against Paddy Hanlon was arguably the best singles final anyone has seen. Paddy led 15 - 14 going into the last end and lay short with Colum having one bowl to play. He played an excellent shot with controlled weight to push his toucher into the ditch and claim a tie end. Again with one bowl to deliver Paddy lay game but Colum played an outstanding bowl with fantastic weight to push his toucher into the ditch on top of the jack to claim a 16 - 15 win. His win was universally acclaimed with everyone appreciating his contribution to short mat bowls. Paddy deserves great credit for the was he played and his day will come.

The pairs saw a first title for Andrew Leckey partnered by D J Wilson. They won the title with a win over Malcolm Thompson.

The triples saw a third title for John Quinn, Eddie Curran and David Crawford having won in 2013 and 2015, defeating Andrew Leckey, Johnnie Wilson and D J Wilson.

The rinks final saw a win for the St Mark’s rink of Joe Beattie, Alan Paul, Pauline Beattie and Paul Cairnduff over Mark Beattie, P J McCrossan, Catherine McCrossan and Gary Moore.


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