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Welcome to the web site for the Irish Indoor Bowling Association which is the controlling body for the game of short mat bowls across the island of Ireland. The web site is designed to provide up-to-date information about the IIBA. We hope that you will find the site interesting and informative.

Tournaments 2018/19

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Some changes to International and 'A' Series teams

British Isles Championships International Team , Carmarthen

The international side shows 7bchanges from thatbwhick participated last year.

Rink 1. A Paul, M Wilson, T Crawford, J Beattie
Rink 2 C McHugh, S McSorley, P Hanlon, M Beattie
Rink 3 R Stubbs, L Harrison, G McNabb, A Rankin
Rink 4 J Quinn, G Conroy,J Richardson, N Hand

Captain J Quinn


Singles.  J Beattie
Pairs.     M Hand & J Fox
Triples.   R Stubbs, G Stubbs, Ronnie Stubbs
Rinks.     C McHugh, K McCulloch, L McHugh, B Davidson

A Series Team

The A Series team shows 11 changes from last year

Rink 1 I Hobson, J Shaw, J Calvin, Shauna O’Neill
Rink 2. M McNicholl, A N Other, W Boggs, A Evans
Rink 3. R Foster, J Rankin, S West, R Cochrane
Rink 4. P Duff, J Hand, J West, E Campbell

Captain E Campbell


Singles.  P J Gallagher
Pairs.     G McCabe & S Conroy
Triples.   K Blakey, J Moffett, G Blakey
Rinks.     D Morrison, A Morrison, W Morrison, T Morrison

Team Manager Gerry O’Hare

A N Other playing 3rd is due to data protection request.

AGM Update


This saw the IIBA Affiliation fee rise from £25 to £30 for the incoming season.

The other main change is to Rule 37 Last End or Extra End (page 51) which was changed to

Rule 37 Bowl touching the jack and coming to rest in the ditch

In singles, pairs, triples and fours, if any of the first two bowls delivered by the lead shall touch the jack and come to rest completely in the ditch, they shall be declared dead and removed from the mat. If either bowl so delivered comes to rest intersecting the ditch line it shall be marked as a toucher.

Where the former Law 37 covered the last end and extra end, the change in wording means that the Law now applies to EVERY end.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – See infographic attached.

Hopefully you will be aware of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will become law on 25 May 2018. This is the biggest change in Data Protection law for 20 years and will be replacing the Data Protection Act (DPA). It represents a new approach to data protection legislation and brings greater protections for the public. Consumers and citizens will have stronger rights to be informed about how organisations use their personal data. They’ll have the right to request that personal data be deleted or removed if there’s no compelling reason for an organisation to carry on processing it and also how they give consent. There must be a positive opt-in – consent cannot be inferred from silence, pre-ticked boxes or inactivity. That is why all secretaries this year must fill in either Form 1 or Form 2 depending on whether or not there is a change in secretary.

National Championships

The nationals will be remembered for two major achievements. Pauline and Joe Beattie became the first husband and wife to contest singles finals in the same year but it was the achievement of Rachel Cochrane in becoming the youngest finalist and the youngest ever winner of the ladies singles. It was an astonishing victory for Rachel who is probably the youngest player to win a national title anywhere. It was arguably the best ladies final seen with both Rachel and Pauline Beattie playing exceptional bowls throughout the 15 ends with Rachel’s last bowl getting the second shot she needed to pull off an historic win. Pauline’s disappointment was to some extent lessened as husband Joe picked up the national singles title with a win over P J Gallagher. The all Oriel final saw a surprisingly comfortable victory for Michael Hand and Jim Fox over Kevin and Sean Conroy. The Triples went to the Stubbs who had a 2 shot win over Kyle Blakely. Colum McHugh picked up his 2nd rinks title with a comfortable win over the Morrison’s. The Ladies triples  saw a comfortable win for Lisa Richardson, Irene Dougles and Michelle Wright over Jean McKee while in the Ladies Pairs, Oriel’s Vera Mohan and Christine McSherry had a 3 shot win over Donegal’s Rachel McDonnell and Vanessa McHugh. The over 55’s title went to Terence Patton and Valerie Witherow defeating Paul Moffett and Lynda Lyttle. The two junior finals were outstanding games. The singles went to Devon Wallace with a last end win over Shane West while Nathan & Zoe Minish who had the narrowist feeler gauge win over Chloe Wilson & Lara Reaney.

World Bowls

Despite contesting 3 finals, success still eludes Ireland's representatives. In the singles Alan Paul  lost to J Payne of Belgium, in the pairs Kevin and Sean Conroy lost to J Hagen Sweden while in the rinks Andy  Leckey, Jonnie Wilson, Eddie Campbell and D J Wilson lost to S Willies England.  G McNabb and G Conroy took 3rd place in the pairs.

Inter Zone Finals

Oriel made it 3 wins in 4 years as they dominate the men's inter zone but it was not without a second half fright. Up 16 shots at the interval, the game looked to be all over but North West came back to within 5 shots thanks largely to Leigh Harrison's rink. The first half saw convincing wins for Gerry McCabe over Brian Rankin and Niall Hand over Adam Rankin with only Jamie Cochrane performong for North West in the 8 all with Sean Trainor. The second hald saw a determined North West putting pressure on the favourites with wins for Marty McNicholl over Kevin Conroy and Leigh Harrison over Paul Duff. Paddy Hanlon drew with Trevor McIntryre.

Winning Oriel Team

Zone Convenor Gerry O'Hare receives Boomer Cup from

IIBA President Mrs Flo McNally

Runners Up North West

Zone Convenor Coleen Cochrane receives runners up Cup from

IIBA President Mrs Flo McNally


Winning Western Ladies

Zone Convenor Harold Nixon receives  Cup from

IIBA President Mrs Flo McNally

Runners Up North West Ladies

Zone Convenor Coleen Cochrane receives runners up Cup from

IIBA President Mrs Flo McNally

Plate Finals

Foyle claim Ladies Plate with 77 - 33 win over East Antrim.

S Johnstom 9 E Woods 7
S Finlay 15C Rea 8
D Stevenson 11 A Rea 4...
L Hamilton 18 G Peel 4
V Witherow 11 A Weir 5
N Miller 13 A McLaughlin 5


Armagh claim Men’s Plate with narrow win over South Down

Armagh 59 South Down 57
J Beattie 10 K Blakely 10
J Richardson 17 M Grant 6
C Dillon 4 A Johnston 13
A Leckey 14 J Moffat 4
D McDonald 3 M Sproule 18
T Mulholland 11 A Corrigan 6

Terry Mulholland with Plate Shield on behalf of Armagh Zone

Armagh team which defeated South Down in Plate Final


Click link for results (pics in gallery)


Day 1 of the Galway Bay Hotel Irish Club Championship produced a Cookstown double with Cookstown High being crowned Irish Club Champions and Cookstown Parochial winning the Plate Competition. It was a day of surprising results. Parochial suffered a rare first round defeat against All Saints Tullylish who then fell by the wayside against Latton from Monaghan Zone. St Mark's Armagh Zone, current holders, also game defeat by one shot against Westen Zone's Wellington. Cookstown High came through by a single shot against Donegal's Ballylennon which was followed by a comfortable win over Mid Antrim's 1st Ahoghill. In the semi final they defeated Sydenham from Belfast Zone while Wellington won their semio final against Latton. In the plate semi final, Cookstown Parochial and St Mark's, two clubs who have dominated the competition in recent years, saw Parochial gain a last end win while Ballylennon had a comfortable win over Pickie. Cookstown High played Wellington in the final and it took a 16 - 3 win by Malcolm Cunningham's rink to compensate for the loss of the other two rinks, to give the High their 3rd win in the competition. In the Plate final Parochial were taken to the final end before overcoming Ballylennon by 3 shots.


Day 2 of the Galway Bay Hotel saw the introduction of a new format to encourage smaller clubs to participate and it proved to be a success with bowling of a high quality and many close games. While Day 1 catered for teams of 12 in 3 rinks, Day 2 catered for 8 players in 2 rinks. The main competition saw Magilligan come out on top over with a semi final win over Ardstraw while St Coleman’s accounted for Drummond in their semi final. The final was not as close with Magilligan winning 22 - 13. In the Plate competition Finvoy had a narrow win over Mayne while 2nd Donegore accounted for Strabane Mourne. The final was a disappointing affair with 2nd Donegore taking the Plate.



Zones which wish to publish general information about developments / events in their area can be allocated a specific page on the site and contributions will be credited to those Convenors who forward it.

News From Cork

Conna Pairs Winners John Martin, Noeleen Tanner and

Club Captain Catherine O'Regan



Updated forms and information is in the Child Protection section .

Natalie Merrigan  representing the marketing department of the Galway Bay Hotel  with Seamus Kyne IIBA PRO.


Tournament resutts WILL NOT be published on the web site until the WINNER has returned the Champion of Champions form to the Competition Secretary. If details do not appear on the web site, winners will not have returned the form or if they have returned it and details do not appear on the web site, they MUST contact the Competition Secretary immediately. Only when the results appear on the web site will entry to the appropriate Champion of Champions competition be confirmed. Entries  can only be made for only ONE category.


DATES FOR 2017/18

Tournaments 2017/18


Top Team Competition


The Top Team Competition played in Norfolk produced a suprising and rare win for England’s Representatives West Midlands over Oriel and Pembrokeshire.
West Midlands 67 points...
Oriel 39 points
Pembrokeshire 19 points


Cookstown High Irish Club Champions

Chris McKnight receives the Irish Club Championship Shield from

IIBA President Mrs Flo McNally

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