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Welcome to the web site for the Irish Indoor Bowling Association which is the controlling body for the game of short mat bowls across the island of Ireland. The web site is designed to provide up-to-date information about the IIBA. We hope that you will find the site interesting and informative.

IIBA Masters Pairs

Please note that Rule 44 applies to this competition and change of closing date


This year tournament resutts WILL NOT be published on the web site until the WINNER has returned the Champion of Champions form to the Competition Secretary. If details do not appear on the web site, winners will not have returned the form or if they have returned it and details do not appear on the web site, they MUST contact the Competition Secretary immediately. Only when the results appear on the web site will entry to the appropriate Champion of Champions competition be confirmed. Entries, this season, can only be made for only ONE category.



Coaching Course


It is planned to organise a course leading to an initial coaching qualification (may be a nominal fee). The course (max 8 people) will be undertaken by Bob Barr of the Scottish Coaches Association and will involved a Saturday and Sunday with theory, practical and test. Those who pass will receive official recognition and a coaching manual. At a later stage, a further course will be organised to allow those who quality to coach prospective coaches. Qualified coaches must be prepared to undertake coaching courses within and beyond their own Zone on perhaps 2 occasions per year though they could be involved at a local level on more than two occasions if they wish or if there is sufficient at Zone or club level.


The following have been selected to represent Ireland in the British Isles Championships in November.


Individual Championships

Singles C Dillon
Pairs A Johnston & E Morgan...
Triples R Stubbs, G Stubbs & P Reid
Rinks D Morrison, A Morrison, W Morrison & T Morrison


International Team
Rink 1 K Conroy, G McCabe, A Leckey, S Hand
Rink 2 C McHugh, D McElroy, W Morrison, B Rankin
Rink 3 R Stubbs, J Quinn, E Curran, A Corrigan
Rink 4 A Paul, M Wilson, S McSorley, J Beattie

Captain C McHugh


'A' Series

The selectors have decided to enter in the individual series, as far as is possible, those who finished runners-up in the National finals.


Singles M McNichol
Pairs G Kennedy & S Kennedy
Triples P McKeown, R McKeown & A McKeown
Rinks M Beattie, P J McCrossan, T Patton & G Moore


'A' Team
Rink 1 M Sproule, J Richardson, L Douglas, M McCullough
Rink 2 S Trainor, S McMahon, N Haire, C Middleton
Rink 3 R. Stubbs, T Crawford, W Boggs, E Forster
Rink 4 N Rutledge, M Og Trainor, F McDermott, A Rankin

Captain M Sproule


Official notification will be sent to players in mid July




At present I am trying to establish contacts with clubs in Southern Ireland with the intention of setting up some meetings with clubs who might be interested in learning more about the IIBA and hopefully join the Association. If anyone can help with contact details in Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Dublin, Longford, Clare and Offaly where we know there are a number of clubs operating or indeed any other area, perhaps you could contact me with details which can be followed up. All help would be appreciated.

Cecil Claims Singles Title


National Singles Cecil Dillon

National Pairs  Eugene Morgan & Alan Johnston
National Triples Raymond Stubbs, Gordon Stubbs, Paul Reid
National Rinks David, Andrew, William & Tom Morrison
Ladies Singles Esther Forster
Ladies Pairs Pauline Beattie & May Cassells
Ladies Triples Valerie Witherow,  Suzanne Finlay  & Sara Johnston
Over 55 Robert Hastings & Stephen Hedley
Junior Singles Shane Hand
Junior pairs Dan Bonner & Colin Glackin
(pics in gallery)

Galway Bay Hotel Irish Club Championship

This year's competition will take place on Saturday 5 and Saturday 12 November in Shaw's Bridge. Entry is open to any club which satisfies the entry requirements. Contact Zone Convenors for details.

Winning St Mark's team


Latest breaks from Galway Bay Hotel
IIBA President Mrs Flo McNally pesents shield to winning captain Andrew Leckey
Galway Bay Hotel Club Championship on Sky TV

Mid Ulster Win

Mid Ulster reclaimed the Boomer Cup with a 56 - 44 win over Oriel , winners for the past two seasons. 5 shots seperated the sides at the interval and the game remained close until the 5th end when Mid Ulster, as they did in 2012 against Oriel gradually pulled away as Colum McHugh and Alan Paul's rinks built up the shots against Kevin Conroy and Paddy Hanlon.



Rink 1. A Paul, S Quinn, G Merron, D Davidson 15 P Hanlon 5
Rink2. C McHugh, M Cunningham, J Donnell, W Lennox 13 K Conroy 3
Rink 3 D Jordan, L McHugh, D Grimes, G Smith 5 G McCabe 8
Rink 4 D McStravock, G Wilson, A Bradley, D McAllister 9 S Traynor 9
Rink 5 DMcElroy, A Ward, J McKay, S Kyne 11 S McMahon 7
Rink 6 M Wilson, T Turkington, C McKnight, T Johnson 5 P Duff 14

Armagh Win

Armagh ladies regained the ladies inter zone title with a 64 - 47 win over Donegal in a game they dominated throughout, though at one stage in the second half Donegal had reduced the deficit to 7 shots but could not sustain the effort.


R Cassells 14 M Montgomery 5
D Marshall 4 R Crawford 12
I Doone 14 A Gilfillan 5

L Douglas 14 E Doherty 12
I Douglas 12 R McDonnell 5
P Beattie 6 V Patterson 8

World Bowls


The Championships in Leigh proved an outstanding success with 3 titles won by Ireland, the singles, triples and rinks. Considering the strength of some of the opposition and the improvement in nationals such as Sweden, success can no longer be guaranteed so to claim 3 tiltles is no mean achievement. Ray Stubbs won the singles, Aiden Corrigan, Mark Sproule and Dereck McCallion while Andy Leckey, Johnny Wilson, D J Wilson and Eddie Campbell took teh rinks. Some pics from Leigh are in gallery under world bowls 2016 (copies available on request).

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