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The lack of respect shown to referees in soccer  has prompted the football authorities to consider taking measures to punish those who subject the referee to abuse in any respect. Certainly when you look at rugby, which is a much more physical game, the players rarely question a referee's decision. Sadly, in the bowling community, we are seeing an increasing number of players, many at the top level, showing a lack of respect for umpires and questioning their decisions. Everyone, however good they may be, can make mistakes but such mistakes are not a conscious decision. Umpires undertake their role  to assist with the running of the game and if anything they probably have not been assertive enough when called to make a decision. Their immediate response to be called to measure a head should be to instruct all the players to stand behind the fender. Under no circumstances should they be permitted to stand at the head while it is being measured.  The umpire will have made what he or she believes to have been the correct decision. They may on occasion get it wrong but the player(s) called for a decision to be made and they must accept that decision whether they agree or disagree with it. They certainly cannot change it and to continue to complain may well result in loss of concentration and perhaps the game. No one wants to get to a situation in which players are penalised for showing a lack of respect to an umpire but if an umpire's honesty and integrity is going to be constantly challenged it will have to be considered and already disciplinary action has been taken involving a lengthy suspension. It might help if more, especially the high level players, undertook to become official umpire's, something which would give them an insight into the position of an umpire as well as helping to raise the status of the association. If players feel they have an issue regarding umpires their views should be forwarded to the Umpire's Association to investigate.

Officers Of Umpire's Association


Jimmy Pinkerton    
Vice Chairman.       Con Mulholland    
Secretary                Denis Connelly    
Treasurer               Joyce Pinkerton    
Staff Umpires C Adair S Kyne  
  I Bleakley D J McKeown  
  S Carleton C Minnock  
  D J Connolly J Morris  
  J A Curran C Mulholland  
  T Haire J Pinkerton  
  N Hutchinson M A O'Regan  


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Chris McKnight receives the Irish Club Championship Shield from

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