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World Bowls Final Places

World Knock Out Games


Wales B 5. Ireland B 15

England 14 England B 4

England A 10 Ireland B 3

3/4 Place

Wales B 11 England B 5


Wales B 9. Ireland A 8

England A 7 Ireland B 9

Wales B 11. Ireland B 4

3/4 Place

England A 11 Ireland A 8


Wales A 13 England B 7

Wales B 11. Belgium A. 6

Wales A 12. Wales B 10

3/4 Place

England B 14 Belgium A 13


Wales B 11 England A. 8

Belgium B. 15 Belgium A. 14

Belgium B 13 Wales B 8

3/4 Place

Belgium A 14 England A 11

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