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Law And Constitution Changes

Modifications to the laws and constition will be in the new year book.

Some important items to note are:


Those who

1) verbally and / or physically abuse an Official, umpire, fellow player or spectator or

2) are guilty of using inappropriate language not directed at anyone in particular, or

3) make comments on the internet, press or other social media that could be construed as bringing either the sport or the IIBA into disrepute

MUST be reported to the IIBA Disciplinary Committee. The Committee must investigate and decide upon the appropriate action to be taken. Such abuse or inappropriate language must be reported by an Officer, Zone Convenor, Umpire, player or spectator and must be done so in writing.


The Irish Indoor Bowling Association is committed to safeguarding the well-being of its members. Every member of the Association affiliated clubs should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the rights, safety and welfare of others and particularly young people and vulnerable adults. Every member must conduct themselves in a manner which reflects the principles of the Irish Indoor Bowling Association and the guidelines as set out in the Association’s policy Document ‘Protecting Children and the Vulnerable’ (copies of which can be downloaded on the documents area in the Executive section – ( Please also see the Sports Council’s ‘Safeguarding Guidance’.

The Irish Indoor Bowling Association have a Safeguarding Officer in position to whom all queries / concerns should initially be addressed, this is currently Seamus Kyne who can be contacted via

Each Zone and affiliated club should also appoint an approved Safeguarding Officer to whom any initial concerns should be addressed. The duty of these individuals is to RECORD details of the concern NOT to ask questions or investigate in any way. It is important that a parent / guardian is informed about any concern relating to an under 18-year-old, unless to do so may put the child at any further risk.

Parents / guardians must complete the ‘Parent’s Consent Form’ (downloadable from the Executive/ Documents section – ( if their child,

  • is a member of a club,

  • enter competitions or

  • involved in any event organised by the Irish Indoor Bowling Association.

These consent forms should be retained by the relevant club secretary. The IIBA Competition Secretary will return the forms received after the event in question.

Clubs should also, on an annual basis, ensure they have a register of all members (updated as and when new members join or members leave) and a copy forwarded to their Zone Convenor who will retain the copy.

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