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British Isles Championships

Change To The International Team

PJ Gallagher has had to withdraw from the Championships and has been replaced by Terry Crawford. PJ expressed his sincere gratitude to the selectors for selecting him but unfortunately he will be away at the time of the championships. Mark Wilson has had to withdraw from the 'A' Series rnk and willbe replaced by Malcolm Cunningham with Dayne Jordan skipping.

International Team

Rink 1 A Leckey P Hanlon A Johnston R Cochrane

Rink 2 R Stubbs J Hand A Morrison A Rankin

Rink 3 J Quinn A Paul T Crawford N Hand

Rink 4 K Conroy G McNabb K Bradshaw R Foster


Singles K Conroy

Pairs R Stubbs G Stubbs

Triples A Tennant A Walker K Shirley

Rinks T Crawford N Haire N Haire G McCloskey

Captain A Leckey

A' Series

Rink 1 A Ward D Davidson D Witherspoon J Donnell

Rink 2 M McGrade N Cox J Morrow C McCrossan

Rink 3 S Hand M Hamilton G Hamilton D Foley

Rink 4 J Cochrane R McMullan J Shaw H Cochrane


Singles J Rankin

Pairs J Rutledge M Rutledge

Triples W Boggs I Hobson S Brown

Rinks D Jordan M Cunningham S McGlinchey G Smith

Captain M McGrade

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