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These are proposed for Scarborough on 29/30 January 2022.


The following will represent Ireland in the Internationals and championships planned for Scarborough on 29/30 January 2022.

Any player not available should contact the Honorary Secretary as soon as possible.

Full details relating to travel, cost and Covid will be forwarded soon after next weeks Executive meeting.

Those playing in the internationals / championships must make certain that their clubs have paid this year’s affiliation fee to the IIBA to ensure that they will be able to participate.


Rink 1 J Quinn(s), G McNabb, S Trainor, N Hand Rink 2 A Leckey (s), P Hanlon, R Cochrane, A Steele Rink 3. R Stubbs (s), J Hand, A Morrison, A Rankin Rink 4. A Paul (s), A Johnston, R Foster, J Beattie

Captain. P Hanlon

SIngles. A Morrison Pairs. S Trainor, S Breen Triples. G McNabb, S McSorley, G Conroy Rinks. J Cochrane, R Cochrane, R Cochrane, H Cochrane

‘A’ Series

Rink 1. K Bradshaw (s), M McGlade, A Dyche, J Shaw Rink 2. S Cochrane (s), D Campbell, C McCrossan, S Hand Rink 3. C Shortt (s), T Vance, R McDonnell, S McIntyre Rink 4 PJ Gallagher (s), D Witherspoon, J Morrow, K Middleton

Captain. T Vance

Singles. M Hamilton Pairs. A Ward, D Davidson Triples. M Crawford, T McClean, J McKeown Rinks. Ni Haire, T Crawford, Na Haire, G McCloskey