Irish Indoor Bowling Association
Irish Indoor Bowling Association
Dates Club Event Zone Skip Third Second Lead
Aug Markethill Festival Pairs AR  C McHugh     A Paul
  Bovevagh Pairs NW P J McCrossan     S McGlinchey
5 to 8 Magheracross Triples Wes P J McCrossan   G Conroy S McGlinchey
5 to 9  MGBC Singles MA J Beattie      
5 to 11 St. Ninians Convoy Singles Don  P Walshe      
12 to 16 Ardstraw Pairs MT A Steele     C Green
12 to 17 St. Johnston Pres Singles Don  M Beattie      
13 to 16 Conna Pairs CK C Middleton     M Middleton
19 to 23  Drumaroad Pairs MD        
19 to 23  Kilkerley Triples OR  J Hand   N Hand S Hand
19 to 24 Carrigaline GAA Triples CK L Conlon   D West M Conlon
25 - 29 All Saints Pairs MA N Haire     RMackin
26 to 29 Clabby Rinks Wes G Conroy M Wilson P J McCrossan G Smith
26 to 30 Geraldine's Singles OR  C Dillon      
Sept Ballygowan Pres  Rinks MD A McCombe R Foster R Fleming T Lithgo
Sept to Oct Latton Pairs Mon         
  Wellington Pairs Wes J Quinn     M Cairns
October Club Event Zone Skip Third Second Lead
3 to 7  Trory Pairs Wes A Graham     I Armstrong
  All Saints Tullylish Pairs WD A Paul     H Paul
4 to 8 St. Joseph's, Kildress Triples MU B Rankin   M McNickle A Rankin
10 to 14  St. Patrick's Strabane Pairs Foy  M Beattie     T Patton
10 to 17 St. Patrick's Cullyhanna Pairs OR  C Mackin     N Mackin
  Northern Zone Triples N N Gamble   E Irwin N McMullan
11 to 19  Killymurris Glarryford Singles MA J Beattie      
  Aughintober Singles   M Hand      
  Cooley Pairs OR C Dillon     P Beattie
14 to 25 Clogherney Pres. Pairs MT        
17 to 21 St. Matthew's Richill Pairs AR         
17 to 21 Donoughmore Pairs Don  I Craig     A McCombe
17 to 22 Devenish Pairs Wes D Graham     A Graham
20 to 31 Errigal Singles MT D Campbell      
24 to 28 Abbey Pres Pairs EA         
24 to 30 Corduff Singles OR  K Trainor      
30 to 31 Douglas Comm Sch Triples CK        
Oct Burnside Pairs Nor D McElroy     A Evans
Oct Drummond Singles NW S Heavern      
Oct Drummond Pairs NW I Moore     S Moore
Oct-Apr Cork Zone M Treacy Fours CK T Murphy P Aherne C Aherne M Murray
Oct-Jan Cork Zone   Pairs CK J Long     P Long
Oct-May Cork Zone P Tucker Fours CK C Middleton K Midddleton G Murphy M Milldeton
November Club Event Zone Skip Third Second Lead
1 to 5 Comber  Pairs MD A Corrigan     M Sproule
1 to 6 Kilanny Singles OR         
2 to 5 Woodschapel Pairs MU M Wilson     J McKay
6 to 9 Knockbride Pairs Mon         
7 to 11 Maghera Pres. Triples MU B Rankin   A Rankin J Rankin
7 to 11 Edenderry Pres Pairs MT C Dillon     J Beattie
7 to 11  Stranorlar Pairs Don  C Connolly     J Shields
7 to 12 Gransha Pairs Wes J Morris     J McCaffrey
  Kilanny Singles OR M Trainor      
7 to 15 Du Pont Pairs NW J Millar     N Millar
14 to 19  Carnone Pairs Don  R Allen     S O'Neill
14 to 24 2nd Kilrea Pairs Nor A Morrison     D Morrison
  Wellington Pairs Wes J Quinn     M Cairns
21 to 25 Western Zone Pairs Wes A Graham     H Nixon
21 to 28 Whitecross Triples OR  M Hand   N Hand S Hand
  Mid Ulster Zone Pairs MU M Wilson     S McGlinchey
  Trory Pairs Wes A Graham     I Armstrong
  Monaghan Zone Rinks Mon P Corvan C Deering R Deering J Wray
Nov 1st Castlederg Pres Pairs MT        
28 N to 2 D Newtownbutler Pairs Wes I Armstrong     J Breadon
28 N to 5 D Rockcorry Pairs Mon  S McMahon     J Murnahan
December Club Event Zone Skip Third Second Lead
5 to 9  Cumber Pres Pairs Foy  A Irwin     J Calvin
5 to 9  Trory Triples Wes T Vance   W McLean C Shortt
6 to 13  Redeemer Pairs OR  C Dillon     R Kidd
7 to 17 Duneane Singles MA Off      
9 to 16  St. Mary's Buncrana Pairs Don         
12 to 17 Earlsgift Eagles Pairs Foy         
27 to 30 Magheramason Pres Pairs Foy  J Cochrane     R Cochrane
  Mid Tyrone Singles MT A  Corrigan      
  Mid Antrim Triples MA N Haire   T Crawford N Haire
  West Down Rinks WD A Lecky J Wilson E Campbell D J Wilson
Dec   Bannview  Pairs AR         
  St Canice Singles NW A Rankin      
Dec to Jan Ballybrakes CIBC Singles Nor A Duncan     D Duncan
Dec to Jan Ballybrakes CIBC Pairs Nor A Duncan      
January Club Event Zone Skip Third Second Lead
2 to 6 1st Donegore Pres Rinks EA  A Leckey C Dillon R Fleming G Lithco
2 to 7  Conwal Singles Don  D McClintock      
3 to 11 Clogh  Pairs Wes A Ritchie     M Howe
3 to 6 Cloughreagh Pairs SD        
8 to 13 St. Mark's Portadown Pairs AR  A Paul     D Jordan
9 to 13 Kilcurry Pairs OR  M Hand     J Fox
9 to 20 Dunloy Pres. Singles Nor J Calvin      
16 to 25 Coa Singles Wes G Conroy      
16 to 27 Christ Church Pairs NW B Rankin      
A Rankin Laghey Pairs Don  C Connolly     J Shields
17 to 21 Fisherwick Rinks SEB        
23 to 30 Drumragh Pairs MT P J Gallagher     C Glackin
24 to 28  Dunfanaghy Singles Don         
  St Johnston Singles Don S Long      
  Latton Pairs Mon M Hamilton     N Hand
  Buckna Singles MA A Morrison      
31 J to 4 F ICICYMA Triples CK J Kirby   T O'Shea M Triggs
30 J to 2 F Upper Glendermott Par Pairs Foy  F McDermott     B McLaughlin
30 J to 6 F Mullaghdun Singles Wes R Kelly      
Jan to Feb St. Mary's Aghadowey Pairs Nor R O'Neill     N Logue
  Clabby Pairs Wes I Hobson     R Wallace
Jan/Feb Armagh Zone Singles AR         
  Northern Zone Pairs Nor D McCann     K McNamee
  Loughaghery Pairs Lis A Paul     G Smith
  Lisburn Zone Pairs Lis Na Haire     D Shanks
Jan/Feb Armagh Zone Pairs AR         
Jan/Feb Armagh Zone Pairs AR         
Jan/Feb Armagh Zone Triples AR         
Jan/Feb Armagh Zone Fours AR         
  Burtonport Singles Don J Quinn      
February Club Event Zone Skip Third Second Lead
1 to 3  Gortahork Pairs Don  J O'Donnell     P Boyle
6 to 10 Madden Pairs Mon         
6 to 10  Tempo Pairs Wes E Forster     W Nelson
6 to 12 Barrs Triples CK A Tanner   J Martin B Hamilton
6 to 13  St. Michael's Triples Wes        
7 to 10  1st Ballynahinch Pairs MD M Sproule     A Corrigan
7 to 11 Christ Church Pairs MU J Beattie     P Beattie
13 to 17  Ballygowan Pres Pairs MD A Laughlin     R Horner
13 to 17  St. Patrick's Strabane Singles Foy  W Boggs      
13 to 17  Drum  Pairs Mon         
13 to 17  Sallaghy Pairs Wes        
13 to 18  Cathedral Pairs Don         
13 to 19 Douglas GAA Triples CK        
14 to 17 Comber Triples MD        
14 to 23 2nd Limavady Pairs NW S Quinn     J Carson
20 to 24 Louth Pairs OR  P Duff     A Duff
20 to 25 Leckpatrick Pres Rinks Foy         
20 to 25 Eglantine Parish Pairs Lis  J Wilson     M Beattie
20 to 25 Kilskeery Pairs Wes I Hobson     J Shaw
20 to 26 St. Vincent's Triples CK        
20 to 27 1st Ahoghill Pairs MA D Morrison      
21 to 15 St. Mary's, Killeshill Pairs ST        
27 F to 3 M Edenderry Pres Triples MT M Sproule   A Corrigan D Campbell
27 F to 3 M Garvary Pairs Wes        
  Forrester's Triples Don J Quinn   R McDonnell M Cairns
  Derg Pairs MT A Graham     M McVitty
  BFPA Singles MA W Fullerton      
  St Michael's Triples Wes J Morris   P Wilson J McCaffery
  Maine Pairs MT W Boggs     S Brown
  Ballylennon Singles Don J Cochrane      
Feb/Mar St. Anthony's Singles AR  M trainor      
26 F to 6 M Clontibret Singles Mon  G McCabe      
  Fermanagh League Rinks Wes R Kelly S Cochrane G Weir D Hunter
  Dunluce Pres Pairs NE N Gamble     E Irwin
  Killeter Triples MT P J McCrossan   M Beattie G Moore
  Killeshill Pairs MT N Rutledge     M Rutledge
Feb/Mar Oriel Zone Singles OR         
Feb/Mar Oriel Zone Pairs OR         
Feb/Mar Oriel Zone Triples OR         
Feb/Mar Oriel Zone Fours OR         
March Club Event Zone Skip Third Second Lead
  Maghery Singles Don P J Gallagher      
4 to 5 BEDA Triples CK J O'Driscoll   M Bowland S O'Driscoll
6 to 13  St. Ninians Convoy Pairs Don  G McNabb     J Teague
6 to 13  Castlederg Methodist Pairs MT S Quinn     B Davidson
7 to 11 Ballylinney Pres Rinks EA  R Stubbs R Stubbs G Stubbs P Reid
7 to 11 Donemana Pres Pairs Foy         
9 to 12 Wilton Fours CK C Middleton K Middleton G Murphy M Middleton
13 to 18  St. Johnston Pres Pairs Don         
13 to 18  Magheracross Pairs Wes G Burke     R Kelly
13 to 19 Magheraclone Pairs OR  P McSkeane     B Magennis
20 to 23 St. Macartins Pairs Wes        
20 to 27 Cooley Pairs OR         
21 to 24 Ardaghey Pairs Mon  I Armstrong     J Breadon
27 M to 2 A Carrigaline Comm Fours CK        
27 to 30 Wellington Triples Wes Ro Stubbs G Stubbs T Stubbs  
Mar   Armagh Zone Friendship Singles AR         
Mar Coalisland Parochial Singles ST B Murphy      
Mar Coalisland Parochial Pairs ST Mi Beattie     S Jess
  Dunbarton Pairs WD J Beattie     G Culbert
  Dromore Singles WD D Morrison      
  West Down Pairs WD D Scott     S Scott
  West Down Singles WD T McCartan      
  Donemana Pairs F S McGlinchey     C McCrossan
  Ballinderry Pairs Lis G McNabb     J Teague
  Lisburn Rinks Lis Na Haire M Trainor N Haire M Wright
Mar Killyman Pairs ST        
  St Mary's Pairs MU D Corscadden     J L Corscadden
  Antrim Indoor Pairs MA A Morrison     A Graham
  Watergrasshill Triples CK C Middleton   G Murphy K Middleton
  Mid Ulster Zone Pairs MU I Hobson     J Shaw
  Mid Ulster Zone Mix Pair MU S Quinn     B Davidson
  Mid Ulster Zone Singles MU G Smith      
27 M to 1 A Laghey Singles Don         
27 M to 7 A Drumachose Pres. Rinks NW A Tennant D Walker N Gamble K Shirley
  Drumachose Ladies Rinks NW P Beattie L Douglas I Douglas L Cassells
28 M to 1 A Annahilt Parish Pairs Lis  A Corrigan     J Corrigan
  Seaford YFC Pairs WD N Graham     D McCann
Mar to Apr GlasloughStrabane Pairs Foy J Quinn     S McSorley
  Midleton Rinks CK M Triggs R Canning L O'Connell T O'Shea
  Glaslough Pairsa MN I Hobson     R Wallace
April Club Event Zone Skip Third Second Lead
3 to 7  Ramelton Triples Don         
4 to 11 Redeemer Singles OR  J Hand      
7 to 9 Watergrasshill Triples CK        
10 to 14  Gortahork Singles Don         
11 to 18 St. Patrick's Lordship Singles OR         
17 to 20  Inch Pairs Don  A McCombe     I Craig
17 to 21 Mullabrack Triples AR  J Beattie   D Beattie P Beattie
18 to 22 St. Joseph's D'more Pairs ST        
24 to 28 St. Brigid's, Brocagh Pairs ST C McHugh     D McAllister
24 to 30 Whitecross Pairs OR  A Cassells     J Beattie
  Armagh Zone Singles AR A Johnston      
April St. John's Moira Singles AR         
April Ardstraw Singles MT A Steele      
  West Down Zone Pairs WD R Martin     P Martin
  West Down Zone Triples WD J Wilson   A Leckey D J Wilson
  West down Zone Rinks WD J McKenny B Clingham N Shaw G Clingham
  St Mary's Park Singles NW A Morrison      
May  Club Event Zone Skip Third Second Lead
5 to 7 Crosshaven  Singles CK A Tanner      
8 to 13 Westgate Pairs CK        
  Lordship Singles OR M Hand      
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