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Licenced Tournaments (spread sheet)

Licenced Tournaments 2017-18.xls
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Date Club Type Zone Skip 3rd 2nd Lead
August Markethill  P A G McCabe     B McCabe
4 to 8 MGBC S MA G Conroy      
4 to 12 St. Ninian's  S Don J Quinn     R McDonnell
11 to 14 Magheracross T W M Sproule   A Corrigan D Campbell
  Northern Zone T N N Gamble   E Irwin N McMullan
  Drummond P NW J Rankin     C Wilson
  Drummond S NW C McHugh      
  Aughintober S ST C McHugh      
11 to 15 Ardstraw P MT S McSorley     M McNicholl
11 to 18 St. Johnston  S Don M Beattie      
16 to 17 Conna P Ck J Martin     N Tanner
18 to 21 Wellington P W C Dunwoody     S Clarke
18 to 22 Drumaroad P MD M Beattie     R Bolton
18 to 23 Donegal Zone S Don N Rurledge      
18 to 24 Carrigaline GAA T Ck D Foley A O'Connell   J O'Connell
18 to 27 Aughintober S ST C McHugh      
25 to 28 All Saint's B'mena P MA D Witherspoon     J Burns
25 to 28 Ballygowan Pres R MD Off      
25 to 28 Clabby R W J Morris P Wilson J McCafferty T Cathcart
25 to 30 Drummond S NW        
26 to 28 Roslea P Mon S McSorley     W Boggs
26 to 29 Geraldine S O D McMahon      
2 to 5 All Saint's Tullylish P WD D McElroy     A Evans
2 to 6 Kilkerley T O        
  Trory P W C Shortt     T Vance
9 to 16 Cooley P O        
10 to 13, 16/17 1 Killymurris  S MA J Calvin      
16 to 21 1st Donoughmore P Don C O'Kane     D O'Kane
16 to 23 Cullyhanna P O        
23 to 27 Devenish P W        
23 to 29 Corduff S O        
29  to 20 Douglas Comm T Ck J Kirby   T O'Shea M Canning
October St. Matthew's P A M Beattie     G Moore
October Lisburn Zone MP Lis        
October Burnside P N Off      
  Salt Comm S F M White      
  St Patrick's P F G Conroy     S McGlinchey
October Clogherney Pres P MT A O'Connell G Gill D Foley J O'Connell
Oct to April Cork Zone R Ck T O'Keefe M Canning L O'Connell A O'Connell
Oct to April Cork Zone R Ck A O'Connell G Gill D Foley J O'Connell
30 Oct to 2 Nov Woods P MU D Morrison     W  Morrison
30 Oct to 3 Nov Kildress P MU S Hand     P Duff
30 Oct to 5 Nov Kilanny S O J West      
3, 6 to 11 Gransha P W G McNabb     W Boggs
5 to 9 Knockbride P Mon B Magennis     S Hughes
6 to 9 Stranorlar P Don J Quinn     D O'Kane
6 to 9 Comber P MD Off      
6 to 10 Maghera Pres T MU A Irwin   J Calvin S Brewster
6 to 10 Edenderry Pres P MT I Hobson   A Dyche J Shaw
13 to 17 Carnone P Don I Craig     A McCombe
19 to 25 Whitecross T O        
20 to 24 1st Castlederg  P MT M Beattie     P J McCrossan
21 to 24 St. Swithin's P MU C McHugh     A Bradley
November 2nd Kilrea P N P Reid     A Johnston
  Roslea P M S McSorley     W Boggs
  S Tyrone Zone P ST P McKiver     A McKiver
  S Tyrone Zone T ST P Hagan   J Carson E Hamilton
November Du Pont P NW Off      
27 to 1 Dec Newtownbutler P W A Graham     J Carson
27 Nov to 2 Dec St. Canice's  S NW A Paul      
Nov/Dec Loughaghery Pres P Lis R Stubbs     G Stubbs
Nov to Jan Cork Zone P Ck J Kirby     T O'Keefe
4 to 7 Rockcorry P Mon        
4 to 7 Mid Tyrone Zone S MT G Smith      
4 to 8 Trory T W G McNabb   G Conroy J Teague
6 to 9 Burtonport S Don D O'Kane      
6 to 12 Redeemer P O J Hand      
11 to 18 Ballinderry P Lis D McDonald     J Kelly
11 to 18 Fintona Pearses P MT J Hand     N Hand
27 Dec to 3 Jan St. Michael's  P SD        
Dec/Jan Ballybrakes P N J Richardson     C Dillon
Dec/Jan Ballybrakes S N A Paul      
1 to 10 Clogh  P W S Quinn     N Hand
1 to 6 Conwal S Don R Cochrane      
6, 10 to 12 Western Zone P W D Graham     H Nixon
8 to 12 St. Johnston S Don M Beattie      
8 to 18 Dunloy Pres S N M Sproule      
15 to 19 Kilcurry P O        
15 to 22  Clabby P W S McSorley     W Boggs
15 to 26 Christ Church P NW  T Workman     M Elder
15, 17/20, 22, 24 Coa  S W G McNabb      
16 to 19 Laghey P Don T Patton     W Witherow
22 to 29 Drumragh P MT R Stubbs     G Stubbs
24 to 27 Holy Trinity S Don J Quinn      
29 to 5 Feb Mullaghdun S W D O'Kane      
30 Jan to 3 Feb ICICYMA T Ck D Crowley S O'Regan   P O'Regan
January St. Mark's P A N Graham     S Jess
January Lisburn Zone S Lis N Graham      
Jan/Feb St. Mary's A'dowey P N N Gamble     M McCullough
5 /6, 9 /10, 15 Tempo P W        
5 to 9 Gortahork P Don L Jacob      
  1st Donegore R EA A Leckey C Dillon R Foster T Lithgo
  AIBC R MA J Quinn A Paul A Laughlin

S McSorley

  Buckna S MA S Jess      
  Broughshane PFA S MA D McCullough      
  AIBC P MA E Crawford     A Weir
  Latton P M S Magennis     S Rooney
  St Michael's P SD J Beattie     P Beattie
  Dunloy S N M Sproule      
  Christ Church P NW T Workman     M Elder
  Errigal S MT M Hand      
  Derg Parish P MT J Hand     P Duff
  St Mary's T ST R Stubbs   G Stubbs R Stubbs
  South Tyrone S ST I Hobson      
  St Michael's T W G McNabb   S MSorley  
  Devenish P W I Hobson     S Clarke
5 to 11 Barrs T Ck C Middleton   G Murphy K Middleton
6 to 9 1st Ballynahinch P MD Off      
12 to 15 Ballygowan Pres P MD R Foster     T Lithco
12 to 16 Latton P Mon S Rooney     S Magennnis
  Christ Church P MU M Wilson     G Smith
12 to 16 Sallaghy P W        
12 to 18 Douglas GAA T Ck C Middleton   K Middleton M Middleton
13 to 22 2nd Limavady P NW  A Rankin     J Rankin
14 to 17 Forresters T Don T Patton   V Witherow T Wilson
  Ballyquin P NW D Calvin     R Allen
19 to 23 Drum P Mon F Farmer     P West
  Northern Zone P N T Workman     H Robb
19 to 24 Eglantine P Lis S McSorley     C Wilson
19 to 24 Louth P O G McCabe     N Hand
  Mid Tyrone S MT G Smith      
  Clogherney P MYT G Armstrong     D Doherty
  St Mary's Killeshill P ST C McHugh     M Trimby
19 to 24 Kilskeery P W D Dickson     W Harpur
19 to 25 St. Vincent's T Ck J Kirby   T O'Shea O O'Connell
26 Feb to 2 Mar Maghery S Don Off      
26 Feb to 2 Mar Garvary P W N Rutledge     M Rutledge
  Edenderry P MT D McElroy     A Evans
February Armagh Zone P A J Beattie     P Beattie
February Armagh Zone S A C Dillon      
February Armagh Zone T A M Sproule   A Corrigan S Hazley
  Armagh S A D Jordan      
February Armagh Zone R A A Leckey J Richardson L Richardson G Culbert
February Armagh Zone T A M Sproule   A Corrigan S Hazley
February Belmont P Bel Off      
  St Pat's Strabane S F M Beattie      
  2nd Limavady P NW A Rankin     J Rankin
February Lisburn Zone T Lis N Haire   T Crawford N Haire
  Lisburn R L D McDonald K Trainor J Kelly E McDonald
  Leckpatrick R F H McCallum I Kerr J McMullan A Kirkpatrick
  Antrim Indoor T MA C McHugh   T Johnston L McHugh
February 1st Ahoghill P MA G Kennedy     J Kennedy
Feb/March St. Anthony's S A Off      
Feb/March Clontibret S Mon A Paul      
Feb/March Oriel Zone R O G McCabe S McMahon J Murnahan M Savage
Feb/March Oriel Zone P O S Traynor     M Gartlan
Feb/March Oriel Zone T O S McMahon   J McMahon I Hanratty
Feb/March Oriel Zone R O G McCabe M McLernon MJ O'Connor L Caldwell
  Whitecross P O N Hand     J Fox
  Seaforde P MD R Stubbs     G Stubbs
  West Down Lge R WD J Wilson DJ Wilson E Campbell A Cannaway
  Dromore NS S WD A Leckey      
  Donemana P F L Britton     T Britton
3 to 4 BEDA T Ck J Long   P Long S Breen
  Magheramason P F N Rutledge     M Rutledge
  Watergrasshill T Ck D Twohig   G Murphy K Middleton
  Gortahork P Don A Gavigan     J Hegarty
  Ballylennon S Don N Rutledge      
5 to 12 St. Ninian's Convoy P Don I Armstrong      
  Mid Down P MD G Christie     R Wylie
  Donegal Zone S D N Rutledge      
6 to 10 Ballylinney R EA J Beattie M Beattie P Beattie G Moore
6 to 13 Castlederg Meth P MT R Foster     T Lithgo
8 to 11 Wilton R Ck        
  Brocagh P ST G McNabb     G Conroy
  Lisburn Zone P L G Easton     D Eaton
12 to 15 Magheracross P W D McCrory     J Teague
12 to 18 Magheraclone P O M Hand     J McMahon
12 to 19 St. Johnston Pres P Don J Rutledge     L Rutledge
  Dunluce P NE N Gamble     E Irwin
19 to 22 St. Macartan's P W G Brian     C McGovern
  Fermanagh Lge R W G Burke I Armstrong T Morrison A Brown
  Tempo P W G Burke     J McElroy
19 to 25 Middleton R Ck A O'Connell G Gill D Foley J O'Connell
19 to 26 Cooley P O C Dillon     P Beattie
20 to 23 Ardaghey P Mon D McMahon     S McMahon
21 to 27 Killeter T MT         
26 to 29 Wellington T W A Graham   K Bradshaw N Cox
March  Armagh Zone F'ship S A D Jordan      
March Coalisland S ST J Beattie      
March Coalisland P ST J Carson     D Kane
  West Down S WD B Murphy      
  West Down P WD A Leckey     J Wilson
  West Down R WD J Wilson A Leckey E Campbell A Cannaway
  West Down P WD G Crothers     C Wilson
  West Down S WD A Cannaway      
  West Down T WD M Beattie   S Jess D Hamilton
  West Down S WD R Foster      
  Upper Glendermott P F J Quinn     R McDonnell
  Dunfanaghy S D J Quinn      
March/April Glaslough P Mon G Conroy     P McElvenney
  Monaghan Zone P M J Beattie     A Robinson
  Monaghan Zone S M A Rutledge      
  Monaghan Zone P M S Magennis     M McSkeane
  Monaghan Zone T M J West   M Duffy S West
  Monaghan Zone R M P Greenan A Holland M Crotty E McGuigan
1 to 3 Lordship S O        
  Mid Ulster T MU D McStravock   G Johnston T Johnston
  Mid Ulster P MU C McHugh     D Grimes
  Mid Ulster MP MU D McStravock     M Lagan
  Mid Ulster S MU A Evans      
2 to 6  Inch P Don E Crawford     R Crawford
  Upper Comber P F B Rankin     T Workman
  Upper Comber S F D Morrison      
  Comber Upper P F G Kennedy     J Kennedy
3 to 6 St. Joseph's P ST T Vance     C Shortt
  Park S NW D McCullough      
4 to 10 Redeemer S O J Hand      
6 to 8 Crosshaven S Ck J Kirby      
9 to 13 Laghey S Don M Beattie      
9 to 13 Ardstraw S MT P J McCrossan      
  Strabane CC P F D Doherty     S Brown
9 to 13 Brocagh P ST C McHugh     D McAllister
  Dunbarton P WD A Johnston     P Martin
10 to 14 Annahilt P Lis N Haire     T Crawford
13 to 15 Watergrasshill T Ck C Middleton   G Murphy K Middleton
23 to 28 Westgate P Ck D Twohig     J Curran
23 to 30 Whitecross P O N Hand     J Fox
April St. John's Moira S A R Stubbs      
April Mullabrack T A D McCallion   G Eaton T Crawford
April Ramelton Pres T Don A Buchanon   B Finlay U Finlay
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