Irish Indoor Bowling Association
Irish Indoor Bowling Association
2017/18   Mrs L Richardson (St Mark's)
2016/17   Mrs C Scott (Wellington)
2015/16   Mrs V Witherow (Strabane CC)
2014/15   Mrs P Beattie (St Mark's)
2013/14   Ms L Hamilton (Glendermott)
2012/13   Mrs A McKiver (Brocagh)
2011/12   Mrs P Beattie (St Mark's Portadown) 
2010/11   Mrs P Beattie (St Mark's Portadown)
2009/10   Mrs P Beattie (St Mark's Portadown)
2008/09   Mrs P.Beattie (St Mark's Portadown)
2007/08   Mrs R Crawford (Ballylennon)
2006/07        Mrs.M.Tommins (Limavady C&RFC)
D.E. Creighton and W.W. Tate Trophy
2005/06        Mrs.A.Gilfillan (St.Johnston)
2004/05       Mrs.C.McMahon (Carrickmacross)
2003/04    Miss P. Cassells (St. Mark’s, Portadown)
2002/03   Mrs J McConnell (Ballinderry)
2001/02    Miss P. Cassells (St. Mark’s Portadown)
2000/01    Miss P. Cassells (St. Mark’s Portadown)
1999/00    Mrs. I. Eldon (R.B.L. Dungannon)
1998/99    Miss P. Cassells (St. Mark’s, Portadown)
1997/98    Mrs. L. Bruce (Sandy Row Meth)
1996/97    Mrs. P. McCann (Drummond Hotel)
1995/96    Mrs. W. Sterritt (Drumragh)
1994/95     Mrs. R. Hamilton (Ballylennon)
1993/94   Mrs. C. Ruddy (Glenside)
1992/93    Miss C. Gould (Leck)
1991/92    Mrs. N. O’Kane (St. Olcan’s, Armoy)
1990/91    Mrs. M. Cassells (St. Mark’s, Portadown)
1989/90    Mrs. K. Cardwell (N.I.C.S)
1988/89    Mrs. S. Anderson (Maghera Pres)
1987/88    Mrs. S. Anderson (Maghera Pres)
1986/87    Miss C. Gould (Leck)
1985/86    Mrs. V. McCourt (Pond Park)
1984/85   Mrs. N. Gilkinson (Drumcree)
1983/84    Mrs. M. Johnston (Ballymena Ladies)
1982/83    Miss C. Gould (Leck)
1981/82    Mrs. D. Cochrane (Largy)
1980/81    Mrs. B. Carmichael (Trinity Pres. Omagh)
1979/80     Mrs. G. Simms (Molesworth)
1978/79    Mrs. S. Anderson (Maghera Pres)
1977/78     Mrs. M. Fearon (St. Patrick’s Dungannon)
1976/77    Mrs. M. Montgomery (Dunluce Parish)
1975/76    Mrs. D. Smyth (Drumachose Pres)
1974/75   Mrs. O. Cullen (Greencastle Meth)
1973/74   Mrs. D. Frazer (Shore Street Donaghadee)
1972/73   Mrs. E. Coates (Gt Victoria St Pres)


DATES FOR 2017/18

Tournaments 2017/18


Top Team Competition


The Top Team Competition played in Norfolk produced a suprising and rare win for England’s Representatives West Midlands over Oriel and Pembrokeshire.
West Midlands 67 points...
Oriel 39 points
Pembrokeshire 19 points


Cookstown High Irish Club Champions

Chris McKnight receives the Irish Club Championship Shield from

IIBA President Mrs Flo McNally

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