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INTER ZONE 2017/18


There was a redraw for each round.


Men Preliminary...
Meath v South Tyrone
Western v Belfast
South Down v North East
North West v Mid Tyrone
Mid Ulster v East Antrim
Mid Down v West Down
North Down v Lisburn


1st Round
Western or Belfast v Armagh (1)
North Down or Lisburn v Monaghan (2)
Mid Down or West Down v Donegal (3)
North West or Mid Tyrone v Cork (4)
South Down or North East v Foyle (5)
Northern v Mid Antrim (6)
Oriel v Mid Ulster or East Antrim (7)
Meath or South Tyrone v Larne (8)


Quarter Finals
1 v 3
6 v 2
8 v 4
7 v 5


Semi Final
7 or 5 v 6 or 2
8 or 4 v 1 or 3


Ladies Preliminary
Donegal v Oriel
Armagh v Cork
South Tyrone v Mid Tyrone


1st Round
Northern v North West (1)
Armagh or Cork v South Down (2)
South Tyrone or Mid Tyrone v West Down (3)
Donegal or Oriel v North East (4)
Foyle v Western (5)
Mid Ulster v Lisburn (6)
Mid Down v East Antrim (7)
Monaghan v Mid Antrim (8)


Quarter Finals
5 v 2
7 v 8
6 v 1
3 v 4


Semi Finals
6 or 1 v 7 or 8
5 or 2 v 3 or 4



Latest breaks from Galway Bay Hotel

DATES FOR 2017/18

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Tournaments 2017/18

Licenced Tournaments 2017-18.pdf
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Centre Activity Manager with IBA PRO Seamus Kyne

at the Blancherstown national Sports Centre

The National Sports Campus is providing state-of-the-art sports facilities to elite athletes in Ireland while offering valuable amenities to the local community.

 The Campus boasts an impressive array of facilities including the National Aquatic Centre, Centre for the Football Association of Ireland and the national team, Irish Institute of Sport- providing sports science and medical facilities, a National Modern Pentathlon Centre, Horse Sports Arena, the National Aquatic Centre, National Diving Centre, grass and outdoor synthetic playing pitches, complete with floodlights and pavilion. And there is more; the National Indoor Arena has started and the Campus has received planning for the National Velodrome and Badminton Centre.

It is in the new indoor arena that Centre Activity Manager Gary Stewart is enthusiastic about providing  short mat bowls as one of the activities when it opens in January. During a meeting of just under 2 hours Gary was given information about the IIBA and its activities at local level and further afield, the equipment required and how best he might advertise and involve the community which has a catchment area of some 450,000. At present there are no clubs in the Dublin area in the association though there are clubs playing the game and we are trying to make contact with some to see if we can get a base established.

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