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I.  Title
The Organisation shall be called “The Irish Indoor Bowling Association”

II.  Objects
The objects of the Association shall be to promote, foster and regulate the Short Mat Game of Indoor Bowling in Ireland, and also to hold tournaments and championship competitions.

III.  Membership
Membership shall be open to operational clubs with equipment meeting the specifications laid

down under the laws of the game and having not fewer than ten members and leagues of not

less than five affiliated clubs willing to conform to the rules of the Irish Indoor Bowling

Association. Application for membership accompanied by an entrance fee which shall be fixed

at the Annual General Meeting should be forwarded to the Hon. Secretary and such application

shall be dealt with by the Executive Council at its next meeting.
The Association shall have power to elect as an Honorary Member any person whose position

among bowlers or whose services in the interest of the game, are such as entitle that person to

this distinction and who has been recommended by the Council for election. Each Honorary Member shall be entitled to attend General Meetings of the Association, but shall have no vote unless the Honorary Member is also the representative of a Club.

IV.  Annual Subscription
The annual subscription for Clubs / Leagues shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting. In

the event of a Club / League failing to pay the subscription on or before 1st November, such

Club / League will forfeit all the rights and privileges of membership so long as its subscription remains unpaid. If a Club / League fails to pay the annual subscriptions for more than two consecutive years then to rejoin the Association the Club / League must be affiliated.

V.  Administration
(a) The Office-bearers of the Association shall consist
of President, Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Competition Secretary.
(b)  The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by
an Executive Council consisting of the Office-bearers and one Convener from each Zone.
The Executive Council shall have power to set up special committees at any time to deal with specific matters.
(c) Nine members form a quorum.
(d) Each member of the Executive present at a Council
Meeting shall have one vote. When necessary the Chairman shall have a casting vote at all meetings.
(e) The Office-bearers of the Association shall act as an
Emergency Committee. All decisions of the Emergency Committee shall be reported to the

next Executive Council Meeting.
(f) The Executive Council shall have power to submit
notices of motion and to make recommendations to the Annual General Meeting.
(g) The Hon. Secretary, after consultation with the
Chairman, may call an Executive Council Meeting whenever circumstances warrant it.
(h) The Clubs in Membership of the Association shall
be divided into Zones by the Executive Council.
(i) Each Zone must hold at least one meeting during the
year at which the Zone Convener is chosen. The decision should be communicated to the

Honorary Secretary of the Association not later than 31st May in each year.

VI.  Annual or Special General Meetings
(a) The Annual General Meeting at which the Office-
bearers of the Association shall be elected, shall be held in the month of March or April in each

year. All appointments will come into effect on the 1st May in each year.
(b) Each Club in Membership shall be entitled to send
two Representatives to the Annual General Meeting of any Special General Meeting and each Representative is entitled to a vote.
(c) Notices of motion, for consideration at the Annual
General Meeting, should be submitted by affiliated Clubs only to the Hon. Secretary, on or before the first day of January in each year.
(d) Special General Meetings may be called by theExecutive Council or on a request of at least

ten affiliated Clubs. The notice calling such special meeting shall specify the purpose for which

the said meeting has been called and no other business shall be transacted.
(e) The only person entitled to vote at a General
Meeting are Club representatives. When necessary the Chairman shall have a casting vote.
(f) Ten day’s written notice shall be given of all General Meetings.

VII.  The Hon. Secretary & Hon. Treasurer
(a) The Hon. Secretary shall keep a record of all business
transacted at all meetings. At the Annual General Meeting he shall report on the proceedings

since the previous annual meeting.
(b)  The Hon. Treasurer shall submit at the Annual
General Meeting a financial statement, duly audited, for the year ending 30th September.
(c)  The books and accounts of the Hon. Treasurer shall
be audited annually. The Auditor(s) shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.

VIII.  Appeals
(a)  Disputes in regard to the Constitution and Rules of
the Association shall be referred, in writing for interpretation to the Executive Council, whose decision will be final.
(b) Should any dispute arise as to the meaning or
interpretation of any of the Association’s Championships and Competition Rules or Laws of the

Short Mat Indoor Bowling Game, or upon any points not covered by them, any one of the parties

to said dispute may appeal to the Association. Such appeal shall be accompanied by a deposit of £5.00 (€8) which may be forfeited or returned as the Executive Council may determine after considering and disposing of the appeal.
(c)  Appeals or references shall only be accepted from
affiliated Clubs.
(d) All disputes referred to the Association shall be
determined by the Executive Council.
(e)  Notice of appeal must be given in writing to the
Hon. Secretary within one week of the dispute, and such notice shall be accompanied by a full statement of the matter in dispute.
(f)  The Hon. Secretary shall thereupon call a meeting of
the Competition Committee to consider the appeal, and at such meeting parties may be heard

on each side, provided such course be deemed necessary or expedient by the Committee.
(g)  The Competition Committee shall make a full report
with its recommendation to the Executive Council. As soon as the Executive Council has

reached a decision, the Hon. Secretary shall notify all parties concerned and such decision shall be final.
IX.  Alteration to Constitution
No alteration of, or addition to, the Constitution and Rules of the Association shall be made,

except at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting called for the purpose,

unless passed by at least two-thirds of the representatives present at the meeting and entitled

to vote.

X. Disciplinary Procedures
Officials, players and club members will be dealt with in accordance with the Association’s Disciplinary Procedures. For so long as each club remains a member of the Association its

members will be bound by and subject to, the Disciplinary Procedures of the Association.

XI  Child Protection
The Association is fully committed to safeguarding the well being of its members. Every

individual in its membership Clubs should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the

rights, safety and welfare of others, and particularly young people, and conduct themselves in

a way which reflects the principles of the IIBA and the guidelines set out in the Association’s

policy document Protecting Children and the Vulnerable and the Sports Council’s Code of Ethics

and Good Practice for Children’s Sport

X1I.  Doping Control Regulations
(a) Doping is strictly forbidden and is an offence under
the Irish Indoor Bowling Association.
(b) Drug Testing may take place any time or any where.
(c) Prohibited substances include those listed in the

IOC Doping Classes and Methods. Procedural guidelines for the conduct of Doping Control shall
be determined by the Executive. These guidelines shall be known as the “Procedural Guidelines
for Doping Control”.
A bowler who fails or who refuses to submit to Doping Control after having been requested to
do so by the responsible official will have committed a doping offence and will be subjected to
sanctions. Any person assisting or inciting others or admitting having incited or assisting others
to use the prohibited substance or prohibited techniques shall have committed a doping
offence and shall be subject to sanctions. If that person is not a bowler then the Council may,
at its discretion, impose an appropriate sanction.

Disciplinary Procedures for Doping Offences

Where a doping offence has taken place disciplinary procedures will take place in three stages:-
(a) Suspension
(b) Hearing
(c) Eligibility
A bowler shall be suspended from the time that the Executive reports that there is evidence
that a doping offence has taken place. Every bowler shall have the right to a hearing before
the Emergency Committee of the Association before any decision on eligibility is reached.
If a bowler is found to have committed a doping offence and this is confirmed after a hearing,
in addition the bowler shall be disqualified from that competition and the result amended accordingly. Sanctions shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

XIII.  Powers of the Executive Council
The Executive Council shall have power to interpret these rules and deal with all matters not specifically provided for therein.


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